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February 2013

Caudalie Opens Its First Store
By Cheryl Fenton

Now Francophiles who have been stuffing their luggage full of coveted Caudalie products during French vacations can lighten their international load. This sought-after skin care line continues their role as the first beauty company using vinotherapy in its first freestanding boutique in the world in the heart of New York City.

Although it sounds like calming a long day of the chaos with a glass of wine, vinotherapy is actually the art of using stabilized grape seed polyphenols and the vine’s antioxidant powers. Caudalie’s line also steers clear of parabens, phenoxyethanol, mineral oils, and artificial colorings to protect your skin and the environment.

With a faux landscape window that “overlooking” lush green fields, this 600-square-foot shop located at 315 Bleecker Street carries “Les Introuvables,” exclusive products never before available in the U.S. (except for when the USPS comes with your little care package). Think coveted concentrates (including Vinosource Hydrating Concentrate and Vinopure Purifying Concentrate), their Fleur de Vigne Candle, Divine Powder and Mineral Tinted Moisturizer, which is available in two shades. You can also find every single SKU like their most popular products—Beauty Elixir and Vinoperfect Radiance Serum.

The boutique also offers three exclusive services for a multi-sensory experience. The “Instant Beauty Pick-Me-Up” and Hand Massage are both complimentary and boast Caudalie products for beauty boosts. The 10-minute instant beauty treat uses the top radiance products like Teint Divin and the Divine Powder with tailored advice from their experts. The Hand Massage gives a moment of relaxation with a massage to relieve tired and fatigued hands with their beloved Hand & Nail Cream and its grape oil, Vinolevure and Fair Trade Shea Butter formula.

For just $20, indulge in the “Fresh Crushed Cabernet Scrub”, your own gommage scrub using the natural ingredients found in the signature Vinothérapie Crushed Cabernet Scrub (grapeseeds from Bordeaux, brown sugar, honey from Gironde and a blend of organic essential oils of lemongrass, lemon, cypress, juniper, rosemary, and geranium). You can customize it with your choice of additional oil from Caudalie’s line of concentrates to slim, contour or nourish. 

Celebs like Olivia Palermo have already been stacking up for a oui bit of French TLC, making this one must-do for filling up your gotta-get beauty basket.

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