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November 2013

Boston's Sexiest Restaurants

By: Cheryl Fenton

Your Pics

Flowers and candles are sure signs of romance. But doesn’t a more seductive scene sound intriguing? Think dimly lit lanterns, underground lairs, boudoir beads rivaling the best little whorehouse in Texas and, of course, beautiful Bostonians. The spark-inducing decor, tantalizing food and sexy patrons of these local restaurants definitely prove to add a bit of aphrodisiac to Boston's dining scene.

Red Lantern, 39 Stanhope St

Nothing is sexier than a life-sized lounging gold-gilded Buddha. Servers in black bustiers don’t hurt either. Stroll through oversized hand-carved doors into a world of innovative Asian cuisine and sensual decor at Red Lantern. Dimly lit by hundreds of red lanterns, this sultry Asian eatery deserves kudos for both décor and dishes. Dozens of Buddha with Zen-achieving aura and comfy padded banquettes take you to a higher plane, while exposed brick and wide wooden plank floors bring you back to Earth. The unique open kitchen design, full sushi counter and custom wok station add a harmonized bustle as you travel along a mouth-watering Asian journey with signature noodle dishes, dim sum, sushi and steaks.

Lolita Cocina, 271 Dartmouth Street

In the pristine Back Bay, Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar is a bawdy cantina serving richly flavored Mexican dishes and a tequila list 200 strong. Walk down a few steps and enter into the dark and dangerous—rich leathers, decadent crimson and bold amber that create a vibrant ambiance. Your meal begins with a complimentary tequila-infused shaved ice to cleanse your palette, complete with smoldering smoke from dry ice. The Mexican-inspired cuisine is a playful interpretation of tradition—seafood, steaks, pork, lamb, and chicken turning to ingredients such as habanero, cocoa, chipotle, adobo chile, mango and guava to create spicy, smoky and sweet possibilities. With all that tequila and a Best of Boston as the Best Pick Up Bar in Boston, the experience becomes as decadent as you please.

Cuchi Cuchi, 795 Main Street

Fabulosa, Cuchi Cuchi's sexy creature outside its front door, serves as a siren welcoming you to a sensual experience of boas, beaded lampshades, hanging Kabuki kimonos and personally signed photographs of pin-up hottie Dita Von Teese. Personifying the age of Old World Beauty and early Hollywood, this dinner promises a more raucous dinner than its sister restaurant Dali. Think glamour, jewels and furs, lipstick on silk collars, dramatic trysts, tinkling martini glasses. Even their food and drinks are sensual—small plates that beg to be paired and shared; vintage cocktails; and naughty Bottoms Up shots served in mini-female forms.

Emerald Lounge, Hotel Revere, 200 Stuart St

Follow the Theater District brick road to discover a brilliant lounge and snack scene. A giant metal tornado sculpture tells you you’re in the right place. Emerald Lounge is a glamorous and sleek gem that glows green with neon Oz inspiration for a chic and unique environ. Their culinary team brings you small plated tasty treats, like Southwest beef sliders, blackened fish tacos and truffle fries, while hand-crafted cocktails by mixologist Teodora Beakardzhiva are out of this world. Get down and dirty with a Sicilian Southside or be sweet with Lavender & Lace. Add the element of hot eclectic entertainment and occasional fashion runway shows, and you’ll know you aren’t in Kansas anymore. At 10pm the cocktail waitresses don ruby red stilettos. Because at that time of night, only sexy shoes will do.

Strega Waterfront, 1 Marina Park Dr

Just ask around. This is where the beautiful people go. Unless you’re asking someone who has never heard of Strega, then wish them well because they have a rough road to travel. Why wouldn’t the gorgeous Bostonians congregate here? One of three local Strega locations, this waterfront site is swank central. Cushioned a la ring-a-ding kid, you might expect the Rat Pack to walk through the door any minute with dames on their arms. There’s a roaring fireplace, leather seats, a wine bottle-covered shiny black Baby Grand and classic movies playing (yes, we mean The Godfather). The private dining room boasts giant mosaics of a scantily clad Sophia Loren and a dashingly handsome Pacino (don’t worry, he’s not scantily clad). The menu is everything Italian, from veal marsala to lobster fra diavolo. Despite all that pasta, we all know how fiery the Italians are. Trust us…this is amore.
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