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Feburary 2013

Kenny's Smoke House Eats (Plano)
The Shops at Legacy's new meat palace
By Neve Winspeare

The culmination of more than two decades of self-professed "weekend barbecue fan" and restaurateur Kenny Bowers smoking his own meat (and a couple of years spent deflecting Eastbound & Down jokes), Kenny's Smoke House is a 2700sqft temple of smoke enveloped in brick & bourbon barrel staves inside The Shops at Legacy.

Because hickory "provides an easy, comfortable smoke level and burns to just the right temperature," he's using it for everything, like sausage (think jalapeno-cheddar with queso & raspberry chipotle sauce) sourced from Southside Market in Elgin, whose encased meats and glaring lack of women earned the moniker "Sausage Capital of Texas".

Or get even meatier with pulled pork (seen up top on a tostada with white queso, cheddar, and smoky BBQ ranch), St. Louis-style spareribs, mango & jalapeno salsa'd Java pork tenderloin, or Kenny's "Hammered" brisket (smoked for 17hrs), named not for the pounding he gives the meat, but for the pounding he gave his liver while he was perfecting -- and often forgetting -- the recipe.

They're also going underwater (to bring you seafood, not, like... financially) with miso-glazed salmon in ginger sake butter sauce, New Orleans-style BBQ shrimp, and ponzu-wasabi-ginger-topped tuna steak.

Booze up with concoctions like the Smokehouse Old Fashioned (smoke-infused bourbon, orange peel, cherry juice, bitters, soda), and this Kentucky Jolt, a bourbon-black coffee-cream number with a salted caramel rim, applied by the lucky guy who got the salted caramel rim job.

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