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February 2013

Girl's Night Out
Vanity Restaurant & Lounge, Providence, RI
By Christina Roderick

Providence is home to many cool cocktail joints. Among them is Vanity, a 1920’s speakeasy themed restaurant that will wow any crowd.
From the vintage wallpaper to the flapper dressed waitresses, this hidden gem is nothing less than fabulous.

Perfect for a girls’ night out, Vanity is the place to be for singles and bachelorette’s alike. The drinks and the décor are to die for. If you are looking for a crisp and clean drink that savors the taste of basil, grape and lime, order the Myers Lansky. For a more sophisticated palate, the Great Dame is smooth and foamy with just the right amount of tang. This drink will win you over by the second sip. Don’t forget the Sour Cherry, a grown-up cherry slush served martini-style!

All of the specialty drinks are so named as to play up the speakeasy theme. The “Pretty Boy Floyd”, named after the notorious bank robber Charles Arthur, can be described as a curious mixture of flavors. Elderflower liquor makes it a unique and tasty nightcap.

Try vanity for dinner or for their lounge atmosphere and VIP bottle service after 10:30pm. The DJ spins some great sounds, the bar . . . great drinks. It all adds up to a serious night out amongst the beautiful people. We love you Vanity, you are oh so vain.

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