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December 2012

Top 10 Steak Wines
Red Wines for Pairing with Steak
By Neve Winspeare


It's common knowledge that red meat generally pairs best with red wine. And that rule applies even better to steak, whether braised or barbecued, herb-marinated or smothered in hickory barbecue sauce. Some people, of course, prefer to drink their favorite Chardonnay with anything and everything, including steak. Yet, a tender top sirloin or dry-aged wagyu porterhouse needs to be balanced by the firm tannins and full-bodied mouthfeel that only a thick Cabernet Sauvignon or spicy Syrah can provide. Our diverse selection of Top 10 Steak Wines includes bottles from Australia and Italy to Paso Robles and the Willamette Valley. Whatever your price range, you're bound to find something apt for a fancy dinner or a backyard BBQ.

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