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June 17, 2012

Legal Harborside
By Karyn Polewaczyk & Monica Pietrzak

There are many reasons why we love summer. Lazy afternoons by the pool, beach sand between the toes, summery cocktails on rooftop bars. But if you are an honest-to-style Gods  fashionista, the reason why you savor this season is the summer dress. Flow-y with flower print or baby dollish in crisp cotton the appeal of this summer uniform is undeniable. It’s easy to pull off and makes the August heat somehow bearable.

Unlike other fashionable stand-bys, the summer dress gets love from both ladies and gents for very different reasons. While the girls laud the versatility and comfort of the ensemble, the men herald the carefree look as the sexiest trend ever.

The Cocktails & Joints team couldn’t agree more. And while we often advocate elaborate get ups that require layers of garb, accessories and confidence, we are celebrating the appeal of the effortless ease a great summer dress delivers. We tapped some of our editors for their favorite choices and here are fruits of our labor.

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