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Revised November 23, 2012
Best Dallas Bars for the Over-35 Crowd
By Jeremy Porter

Addison is full of restaurants/bars that are ideal for older clientele. Not only are they abundant, but they're expensive, which cuts down on at least a certain type of younger crowd (don't get me wrong, Black Finn is still completely overrun by youthful tools and douchebaguettes). Duke's Roadhouse has an enormous patio, good food and plenty of happy hour patrons. If you want a more local feel, my vote would be Addison Point (4578 Belt Line Rd). It's been around for over 40 years, and even with shot specials and karaoke nights, it holds established regulars and a certain dignity better than other places that attempt to mix ages.

There's a bit of a divide as you drive south. A few certain charms can be found heading down Preston Rd, like Woodlands Grill on Forest, which is good for a date night (you'll want Charles for your bartender). If you head east over to Central Expressway (75) and exit Mockingbird you'll find Trinity Hall (5321 E Mockingbird), an Irish bar with an amazing beer and whiskey selection and tons of space, ideal for groups.

From here you'll be tempted onto lower Greenville, which is possibly the most over-run with twenty-somethings drinking area in the city. Havens can be found (for the truly grizzled, there's Ships at Ross/Greenville, but be warned: this dive is for quiet, respectful, contemplative blue collar elders), but you'd most likely find more enjoyment continuing to either the Know/Henderson area or Deep Ellum.

Shoot back down 75 and take a left on Henderson to Capitol Pub (2401 N Henderson) which must be noted for it's great patio and scotch selection. It also might be the best place in the city for Sunday brunch (bottomless mimosas, chicken fried steak).

If dives are in fact your thing, continue down Henderson and make your way over to Lakewood Landing (5818 Live Oak St). It can be a grab bag of demographics on any given night, and it's admittedly not very spacious, but the food is amazing (jalapeno corn-dogs), and it ranks highest in my book for comfy dives.

Taking Live Oak southeast towards downtown, you'll head into Deep Ellum. This area has really been thriving again, and is perfect for an all inclusive date night. It's packed with restaurants both trendy and affordable, and there are nearly twenty places to see live music. Angry Dog (2726 Commerce St) might win for a daytime visit, with tons of space for a group and possibly the best cheap eats in town.

Follow 75 north to Woodall Rogers Fwy or just take Pearl through a bit of downtown. If it's a Thursday night between 6-8, stop by the Dallas Museum of Art (1717 N Harwood) for live jazz and a casual dinner with wine. Otherwise continue up Pearl to the Ritz Carlton for the Rattlesnake Bar (2121 McKinney Ave). Perfect for people watching with a nice touch of glamour. Possibly my top pick for the criteria given (and free valet!).

You'd probably do best to bypass the rest of Uptown, as it suffers from similar symptoms as Addison. Don't get me wrong, it's loaded with places to eat and drink and try to pick up people 20 years older or younger than you... okay, it's like a whiter, more pompous version of the Addison strip. The closest you'll want to get is to head back up Turtle Creek to The Warwick Melrose Hotel (3015 Oak Lawn), and the soulful elegance of their Library Bar. This place shits class. Have a dirty martini and enjoy the best jazz piano in town. Stay the night if you need to, they'll take care of you.

Bishop Arts is probably still too trendy to go relax and not be annoyed by the surrounding pretension. Just head back to whichever was your favorite.

Another good pick would be any bar before ten o'clock.

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