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Nothing Like Breakfast at eatZi’s Market & Bakery
Best Darn Breakfast Spot in The US
We know, we've eaten at them all!

Visions of a Texas breakfast may bring thoughts of plates of steak and eggs, but you will find the choices to be more tantalizing at eatZi’s Market & Bakery. A visit to this Dallas based eatery will definitely brighten up your view of your morning meal.

Whether you are looking for warm bread out of the oven with a little jam or a croissant served with a latte from the coffee bar, you can come in any morning and find it at eatZi’s, but that’s only the beginning. You can also come here if you want something more exotic to satisfy a sweet tooth, such as the heavenly French Toast, served covered in white chocolate caramel syrup and topped with fresh strawberries and granola. That’s just one of the many options in breakfast fare.

Owner and Founder Phil Romano makes sure everything eatZi’s serves will be a memorable experience. “When I do a restaurant, I do it to please myself,” he says. “eatZi’s provides something that I’d like to have, that I’d enjoy.”

This European-style eatery is casual and welcoming, but has an intimate feeling that is a cross between the comfort of your own home and a Parisian café. French is not the language here, though. Chef Jay Valley grew up in central Massachusetts (Boston accent still intact) and his Italian heritage inspired his cooking and the quality keeps people coming back. And, you don’t have to take his word for it, the servers at eatZi’s will be happy to provide a sample if you can’t decide which delectable dish you would like.

While you should make eatZi’s your go to for breakfast, it’s far from the only food you will find there. Each location offers a Chef’s Corner with prepared meals; a selection of packaged specialty items; an international array of cheeses; and a deli for sandwiches and meats.

You can find eatZi’s in Uptown, Dallas on Oak Lawn and at Lover’s Lane in North Dallas. New locations will soon be open in the Texas towns of Grapevine and Plano.

Photos: All rights reserved. Cocktails and Joints / Courtesy of: Dale L. Winspeare, III
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