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Mar 23, 2012
Nadia G & Her Bitchin Kitchen Guys
By Marcia Frost

Canadian Nadia G. has built an empire that goes way beyond her Bitchin’ Kitchen. She has proven that a woman can be sexy and smart, while cooking gourmet meals between shoe shopping expeditions. But, behind every good woman is a man, or, in this case, three.

Nadia Giosia was born and raised in Montreal, where she still maintains a home. She has turned Bitchin Kitchen into a major brand that she not only designed, but writes, cooks and produces. Her trademark three-inch stiletto cherry red heels only tell part of the story. The rest comes out of the oven and off the stove when the woman proves that she can also cook.

The whole Bitchin’ Kitchen idea started in 2007 as just a three minute mobile show. The unique style caught on quickly. The Food Network Canada picked it up as their first lifestyle entertainment brand and then people around the world began to hear about Nadia G.

Her success in the kitchen does not come as a surprise to Nadia. She explains how it has been for her, “Women are kind of breaking the stereotypes that have existed within the cooking space, which is the happy homemaker in little pastel cardigans. It is funny how that stereotype exists. The women in my family have always been wild and funny. So, honestly, I don’t even know where that idea comes from. I didn’t grow up that way.”

Four years after its debut, Nadia G. brought Bitchin’ Kitchen to the Cooking Channel in the U. S. The series she invented is popular mainly because of this quick witted host and her male sidekicks. Nadia keeps everyone laughing while cooking up a storm, she has a little help from her friends. Among them are three guys who have won the audience over as much as Nadia herself. Panos, Hans and Yeres are her hilarious helpers.

Each of the guys has their own place in the kitchen:

Panos is the fish guy on Bitchin’ Kitchen and he has plenty of experience in that area. His Greek family has been in the business of fish for generations. He knows how to catch them and how to cook them.

Hans is as known for his lack of clothes as Nadia is for her wild outfits. He loves to show off the chiseled body, but he also knows his way around the kitchen. Hans is a really foodie and Bitchin Kitchen wouldn’t be the same without him.

Yeres comes all the way from Israel, specifically Raanan where he says old the best spices in the world come from. There’s always a bit of mystery around Yeres, but Nadia always knows she can count on him to kick up the flavor in anything.

For the first time, they all traveled to the 2012 Food Network South Beach Wine and Food Festival, “The whole crew is here,” Nadia G said, while handing out samples of a delicious slow smoked pork belly with a pineapple balsamic glaze. “The Spice Agent, Hans and Panos the fish guy. We put on a real show. We cooked up a penne al forno, which was my grandmother’s specialty. Very delicious. And also made a sweet and savory dessert.”

The Nadia G. empire is about more than her cooking shows and demonstrations. Her cookbooks and products have created the Bitchin’ Kitchen lifestyle that’s becoming known around the world. Despite having a male crew of her own, there are still a few men Nadia admits she would like to get to know better, “I would love to meet Alton Brown and Anthony Bourdain. Both of them are fantastic personalities. Bourdain was one of the first to bring rock and roll/punk rock attitude to the culinary space. Alton Brown had a scripted show, which was really inspiring for me. Guy Fieri has always got a great attitude and I love Guy as well, but I’ve met Guy already.”

In the end, everything Nadia does is about the food and her Italian family taught her how to make it with as many fresh homegrown ingredients as possible. If you’ve missed any of her shows, you can find many of her recipes on her website and in her cookbook, Cookin’ For Trouble.

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