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April 2014

Book Review
101 Places to Get F*CKED UP Before You Die
By: Marcia Frost

As titles go, this one had me intrigued before the book even arrived. The subtitle – “The Ultimate Travel Guide to Partying Around the World” said it all. The big question was whether or not this was going to be a guide for college students’ hostel hopping, or a list of places we all really want to go to for fun, even once we are semi-responsible adults.

I’m happy to report that it’s mostly the latter. While there are a few spots that I lost the desire to approach after leaving my dorm, most of the places in this book are ones I have either been to in the last decade or would like to go to in the near future.

This book was created by the Matador Network, known for their unusual trip reporting (or is it reporting of unusual trips?). It has been edited by David Miller, Matador’s senior editor and the winner of two Lowell Thomas Awards. Miller also writes the “Pre-Party,” a foreword that gets you ready for the fun to begin.

You will find some standards in this book, especially those based on events, such as Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Coachella in Idio, California, or Oktoberfest in Munich, but the book is about much more than that.

There were places I was surprised were included in 101 Places to Get F*CKED UP. It’s not that I couldn’t see them on a bucket list, but would you have imagined partying around the world to include Nairobi, Kenya; Savannah, Georgia; Chengdu, China; or Utila, Honduras?

I’ve only been to 27 of these places so far and have walked away from the book with lots of ideas. Each location in the book is justified with specifics, including the best season to go; daytime activities; lodging recommendations; most popular food and drinks; costs; and “Notes from A Local.” These final tidbits of information are what really make the book. The ability to tell the reader about the places they really should go, not the ones that they’ll find in the local tourist guides.

101 Places to Get F*CKED UP is as good as you are going to get for a mini Former’s Guide for the world’s best party places. For $13.99, you can at least bring some details to your dreams even if you don’t make it to all 101 places.

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